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The chroming company was founded in the middle of the 40s, producing bicycles and starting a department of decorative chrome platings for these items; in the first 50s it gives up the production of bicycles and it specializes in decorative chrome plating and thickness chrome plating. In 1962 it built a new production settlement that little by little extended and doubled the operative area giving up the decorative galvanic sector and introducing the mechanical work of round grinding. It has specialized in some sectors such as hard chrome plating of tubular ingot moulds for steel continuous casting.
Chroming company - Nickel and chrome platings
In addition the chrome plating and grinding of cylinders for paper-converting industries has known a remarkable development. In 1990 it moved in a new building where it is still working. In 1991 it installed a new machine for electrolytic deposition of nickel thickness and nickel co-depositions. In 1994 it added to thickness nickel plating a numerical control milling machine so that it can deliver the finished product to the user. In 1999 it certified its own quality system and in 2002 it completed the passage from ISO 9002:1994 to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 regulation.
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